Scenes From Hot Springs

HotSpringsDay2 046

Today’s overcast sky and drop from yesterday’s record 80 degrees to today’s mid-40s reminds me of similar weather during our November Hot Springs, Arkansas visit. Sometimes an overcast sky can make for a peaceful, placid picture. Until the geese get moving, that is.

HotSpringsDay2 057The view of downtown as we rounded a hill proved cozy and charming, white steeple hidden in the clouds.

HotSpringsDay2 122

Autumn leaves littered the streets, where a green banner proclaimed a Chili Cook-Off, of which we later partook.

HotSpringsDay2 150And further down on Bathhouse Row, we stopped for a cold craft beer, a refreshing end to the day.

HotSpringsDay2 215



14 thoughts on “Scenes From Hot Springs

  1. There’s nothing here to make fun of here, Kerbey. What’s up with that? 😉 haha, what I meant to say is: Great photos, seriously. I especially like the 3rd shot down. And of course the one of half of you chilling. Am assuming the other half of you is also chilling with your craft brew. Glad you can remember this vacay on a chilly day in Texas like today.

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  2. It’s nice that you have to go visit fall, that it doesn’t come to you. Your temps are cool but not below freezing and hence not enough to change leaves. The pics are great Kerbey, it looks like the perfect place to relax.

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    1. It’s nice when you visit a town and you don’t have to look over your shoulders, thinking someone will mug you. Do people even get mugged in Canada? New York is so close, you’d think it would rub off on Canada. The theft part.


      1. Mugging here is rare. We have had some serious cases of teens swarming other teens for purposes of stealing their electronics, etc, but even that is unusual and seldom does anyone get any serious injuries. Still there are certain areas of town that I wouldn’t walk in late at night by myself. The majority of violence is between people who know each other and have had a disagreement – i.e. domestic violence, inter-gang violence, etc. Danger to random folks is very rare.

        From Houston we may appear close to New York, but there are still many hundreds of miles of new England as a buffer – lots and lots of forest and empty woods. The violent types don’t have any targets there as many are poor, so they never make it this far. There is a border with inspections and such in between too, so few try to cross it who are up to no good unless they are smuggling. With computer records, X-rays, electronic sniffers, drug, agriculture, and money dogs few get away with this.

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      2. Lucky you! Our border down south doesn’t work quite as well. We have a Rio Grande river that gets crossed to sell drugs, kidnap kids to sell into the sex trade, or just try to make a better living. I bet Canada smells clean.

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