17 thoughts on “Steel Teepee

      1. Yes, I have seen several bomb shelters most built around the time between Sputnik and the Cuban missile crisis: 1957 – 1962. Originally, there was fear that the Russkies would bomb us from orbit. These shelters wee of the underground variety, a deep hole with a steel shell covered with tons of concrete and dirt and systems that today would be considered rather primitive.

        From our time in Utah I am also familiar with the new style of bunkers built by “preppers” who expect the Zombie or other apocalypse to strike at any moment. Some of them are very sophisticated but the folks are (obviously) very secretive so I only got a glimpse or two.

        The steel teepee strikes me as a marvel of advertising but I think I’d take my chances on the outside.

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      2. You can include my father-in-law in the prepper category. He’s a prepper, my husband’s a Pepper, and I’m a Coker. I haven’t peeked into his labyrinth, but he is confident it will survive the apocalypse, with seed/MRE/nuts/water/supplements to last a lifetime. I doubt he’s stored any books or magazines, so like you, I would take my chances on the outside. Everyone dies anyway, right?

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  1. When I saw your title it did not prepare me for this. Quarter inch steel? Damn thing would weigh a ton and even an “indirect hit” would drop the thing on who ever is inside and a “direct hit” would add a bunch more shrapnel to an already bad situation. Oh those crazy Brits.

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  2. “Not designed to take a direct hit.” You think? What an odd find this is, Kerbey. These poor folks actually thought this contraption would save them from anything. Thankfully, it was not needed here. Oy.

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  3. Under certain circumstances the shelter would provide some protection, It has no 90 degree corners and hence does not provide any flat surfaces for a blast to hit. And in many explosions it is the blast that kills those nearby. If the blast were strong enough it would collapse the shelter and kill the occupants, but under those circumstances, you’d be dead without the shelter anyway, so no difference.

    You know as a Canadian, i’ve never heard the words Prepper and Coker. We don’t have much to blow up here so we don’t get much into shelters.

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    1. Coker’s not really a word. I was singing the old commercial, “I’m a Pepper, he’s a Pepper, she’s a Pepper.” Do you have Dr. Pepper? What soda do you drink?


      1. Ahhh,Pepper – I read prepper, believing it had something to do with being PRE-pared. Gotcha. Yep we have all the big soda companies – we call it “pop”. I like Dr. Pepper, myself or Pepsi. Coke will do if the other two aren’t available.

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      2. No, Prepper is real–that’s one of those loony “black helicopter” people who think the world is about to end and helicopters are chasing them.


      3. Nobody here says pop. And hardly ever soda. It’s just Coke. Let’ s go get tacos and Coke. Can I bring you some iced tea or Coke? Coke is the term for any soda.


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