Bad Bang Theory 1962

She learned the truth at 17.

She learned the truth at 17.

Well, if that’s the way you feel about it, Janis, don’t smile. No matter. The 1962 Hardin-Simmons University annual offers up plenty of ladies more than happy to flaunt their bangs, including the “inverted heart.”


One of these ladies even showed some teeth.


These gals only look smug because they’re perusing pics of people with even inferior bangs.


And how about these bedroom eyes?

The Stunning Social Life Of Expressionless Darrell Mathes

Sunday morning begins with a pipe and the funny papers. Darrell can hardly contain his laughter.

all photos by Mike Gubar

all photos by Mike Gubar

On Monday, he studies Child Psychology at the Theta House, thrilled to be in the company of two lovely dames. Darrell takes Darrell very seriously.

let's hope that's a printing error

let’s hope that’s a printing error on her cheek

Later in the week, he and Peggy hit the bowling alley. She watches, suspicious as to how a robot is able to record her strike with human handwriting.


Finally, the weekend arrives! Time for a night on the town, dancing his cares away.

JayhawkerCom43-008Paula feels victorious in that he has agreed to hold her hand. Both are over the moon.