Collaborating And Listening


Kay and Peter enjoy drinks at Babe’s on Sixth Street in Austin, back when ashtrays denoted that smoking was allowed.

The next pic is “collaborating but not listening” because the bold houndstooth print jacket is too loud for anyone to hear anything. Let’s keep in mind this was the 90s, not Melanie Griffith in the 80s.

1993 Univ of TX
1993 Univ of TX

And no, that is not Jennifer from Family Ties, all grown up. Speaking of LOUD…

 Actress Tina Yothers has black hair now. Go figure.

6 thoughts on “Collaborating And Listening

  1. Memories…The 90’s were okay I guess. Tina was an interesting character wasn’t she. I used to watch the show. She sort of grew up right before your eyes. These are some of the most recent nostalgia you have posted aren’t they. Oh didn’t Tina Yothers have a punk band for a while?


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