13 thoughts on “Silver Bullet Fuels School Spirit In Overzealous Fans”

  1. I can confirm this is a common reaction due to drinking Kolorado Kool Aid. At issue is whether Mariska is making the hook ’em horns, the forked finger sign of Satan or international sign language for I love you. Perhaps her friend from the Insane Clown Posse could elucidate.


  2. Coors is good stuff. Was born in Colorado and still remember the cans sitting around family gatherings. We even took cases with us when we moved to Minnesota. (though being only 5 when we moved, I hadn’t actually drank in until much later.) Funny that I never seek it out now. You’ve given me a craving 😉 These girls look wild and I wonder how long it took to scrub the makeup off?


  3. Banquet beer is in their company credo, Kerbey. Kind of odd, but they’ve been banking on it. I’d rather think of the clear mountain waters and three-beer buzz, which obviously hot Mariska to go undercover years before Law & Order SVU.

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