How To Scorn A Woodwinder

UPI/Bettman Newsphotos, Illustrated History of US
UPI/Bettman Newsphotos

The bare-chested, bead-donning Pied Piper here was captioned as a member of the Yippies. I confess I know nothing of Yippies (only the later Yuppies), but wikipedia says:

The Youth International Party, whose members were commonly called Yippies, was a radically youth-oriented and countercultural revolutionary offshoot of the free speech and anti-war movements of the 1960s, founded on December 31, 1967. They employed theatrical gestures, such as advancing a pig (“Pigasus the Immortal”) as a candidate for President in 1968, to mock the social status quo.

Pigasus the Immortal? I don’t get it.

V-J Day 1945

The Bettman Archive
The Bettman Archive

Residents of NYC’s Little Italy district celebrated V-J Day (Victory over Japan) on August 14, 1945. Just imagine looking up from the street, at all those people celebrating the end of war.


Birthday Bang-Up: From Iggy To Oaxaca

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You may have read that yesterday was long-reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II’s 89th birthday. But it was also a day of birth for much funnier-named folk than Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. Yep, that’s her regal name. It’s not quite as interesting as singer Iggy Pop (not to be confused with Iggy Azalea, whom we profiled less than a year ago), who turned the big 6-8, enjoying his Medicare benefits while sitting topless on a couch. Does he even own shirts? And nope, Iggy wasn’t his real name. He was born James Newell Osterberg, Jr.

Who else ate cake yesterday? Little Jason Duggar turned 15, surrounded by many of his 18 brothers and sisters. Peace out, Jason.

Jason, the one who fell 12 feet into an orchestra pit and broke his leg, carries a rather normal name. However, let us recall that ALL of his siblings have J names:

Joshua, twins Jana…

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Down A County Road, Part II

DayRide 025

As I continued down the county road, I passed these signs. The bluebonnets were still hanging on. They usually disappear by tax day, April 15.

DayRide 027

There were seas of them.

DayRide 007

A storm had possibly split the trunk of this chinaberry tree.

DayRide 040

And mesquite trees dotted the land.

DayRide 043But my favorite picture of all showed the shade cast by the limbs of a mighty live oak.

DayRide 031

Happy trails to you!

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