Birthday Bang-Up: From Iggy To Oaxaca

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You may have read that yesterday was long-reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II’s 89th birthday. But it was also a day of birth for much funnier-named folk than Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. Yep, that’s her regal name. It’s not quite as interesting as singer Iggy Pop (not to be confused with Iggy Azalea, whom we profiled less than a year ago), who turned the big 6-8, enjoying his Medicare benefits while sitting topless on a couch. Does he even own shirts? And nope, Iggy wasn’t his real name. He was born James Newell Osterberg, Jr.

Who else ate cake yesterday? Little Jason Duggar turned 15, surrounded by many of his 18 brothers and sisters. Peace out, Jason.

Jason, the one who fell 12 feet into an orchestra pit and broke his leg, carries a rather normal name. However, let us recall that ALL of his siblings have J names:

Joshua, twins Jana…

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