Down A County Road, Part II

DayRide 025

As I continued down the county road, I passed these signs. The bluebonnets were still hanging on. They usually disappear by tax day, April 15.

DayRide 027

There were seas of them.

DayRide 007

A storm had possibly split the trunk of this chinaberry tree.

DayRide 040

And mesquite trees dotted the land.

DayRide 043But my favorite picture of all showed the shade cast by the limbs of a mighty live oak.

DayRide 031

Happy trails to you!

16 thoughts on “Down A County Road, Part II”

  1. Wow, all of your pictures are fantastic. The poor Blue Bonnets even they succumb to the IRS. I am sure the American Pickers would drool over those gas signs. I agree with you the creme de la creme is the shot of the old oak. You can almost feel the shade and the moisture of the grass. Lying beneath that tree on a summer day. What a way to spend the day. Happy Trails to you as well.

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  2. We don’t have blue bonnets up here, so that’s a treat, Kerbey. Chinaberry or mesquite trees, either, not that I can remember. Mighty oaks, yes, we do, but your’s and its shadow make quite an impressive sight. Thanks for round two down your Texas coutry road. Very comforting, my friend. Now don’t let your gas tank get so low!

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