Down A County Road, Part I

DayRide 026

I took advantage of the nice spring weather and spent the better part of Friday morning, driving down a nearby county road. I passed this white horse.

And this lemonade stand.

DayRide 001

A field of wildflowers.

DayRide 003

A rusting propane tank, not unlike the kind I used as my horse when playing cowgirl as a child.

DayRide 020

And some wheels that hadn’t been driven in years, better suited for the streets of Havana, Cuba than an antique car graveyard.

DayRide 002

Dogs Watching Football

Football 047

The dogs had a front-row seat to a father-son football game in the backyard last night. They witnessed the passes and fumbles.

Football 045

As usual, the male seemed more interested in the game. Jemima paused briefly from her latest goal of digging a hole to China while Tonto looked enraptured.

Football 043But then again, he’s an outdoor dog who was saved from the pound, has no responsibilities, and his life is endless bliss.

What You Talkin’ ‘Bout, Easter Bunny?


Check out these basket-toting cuties during an Easter egg hunt, and the boy’s priceless expression. That suspicious gaze brought to mind shades of Arnold Jackson from Diff’rent Strokes–except in much more fashion forward overalls.

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