9 thoughts on “Courtney Cox Shows Chelsea Clinton Perfume Pulse Points

  1. You’re making the assumption that the employee’s side of the counter is the right. It is my experience that in cosmetics (when I have wandered through by accident or with my honey) there are often more clerks than customers – hence I believe that the left side of the photo is the employee’s side of the counter.

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    1. Aha! That’s what a fresh perspective can do. See, here I thought the eyeglasses and age were the voice of authori-teh, but you think the young gals are schooling the woman in her 50s on how to smell fresh.


  2. Au contraire. I believe the right side is the “working” side. Notice the display immediately in front of Courtney. The sloping side is directed towards the young mop tops, to facilitate access to the product. Besides Courtney would never need help with fragrance.

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  3. As Coco Chanel once said, ““A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” In 1952, these fragrances were probably scents like “Miss Dior”, “Arpege,” L’air du Temps and a personal favorite, “Evening in Paris”.

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