When I Pass Someone Wearing White Diamonds

experimental-transmitter-and-receiver-for-armed-forces-helmet-army (teamjimmyjoe.com)

I know, I know–a lot of Baby Boomers love them some White Diamonds. There’s just something about the scent that makes me cringe. I could be innocently shopping at TJ Maxx or standing in line for coffee at church, and then WHOOSH! the stench of White Diamonds infiltrates my personal space and sticks to my clothes and hair, and nine hours later, there it is, wafting on the wind as I try to snack on cashews or flip through Southern Living magazines. It is in-escapable.

People often say the first thing they notice about Oprah is how great she smells, but you never hear anyone saying that about Liz Taylor. Why? No, not because she’s dead. White Diamonds, friends. White Diamonds.

CricketKitty wrote on http://www.basenotes.net:

I really wanted to like this fragrance out of respect for Liz Taylor, but try as I might, I couldn’t. I occasionally got whiffs of coconut, but it’s not listed in the notes. The rest of it is plastic and screechy synthetic notes.

Nukapai said:

This perfume has the odour of an old wig that’s been in heavy use, perfumed, powdered and seldom washed.

Debbie R. agreed:

This is one of the most vile fragrances ever created. Harsh, shrill and cheap-smelling. It’s for someone pretending to have money. 

I see I am not alone in my assessment.