Down A County Road, Part I

DayRide 026

I took advantage of the nice spring weather and spent the better part of Friday morning, driving down a nearby county road. I passed this white horse.

And this lemonade stand.

DayRide 001

A field of wildflowers.

DayRide 003

A rusting propane tank, not unlike the kind I used as my horse when playing cowgirl as a child.

DayRide 020

And some wheels that hadn’t been driven in years, better suited for the streets of Havana, Cuba than an antique car graveyard.

DayRide 002

16 thoughts on “Down A County Road, Part I

  1. I liked seeing all the different variations of country. The last two are typical but the first one was the one which made me smile. The lemonade stand reminded me of my own little business efforts as a child. smiles!

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  2. Beautiful pictures. Everyone ought to take the time and just travel down an old road. Reminds us how much beauty is around us. So did you stop and get a Coke at that stand?

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    1. It wasn’t manned at the time. It may be out of usage at this point. We did, however, pass a little girl on a street corner yesterday, while doing garage sales, and my son bought a cup from her. “Not enough sugar!” he said.

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    1. Yep, if you’re willing to slam on your brakes and turn down the lane off the highway. And not be scared someone is going to come at you with a shotgun. And pull over to the side to the let the crazy hillperson in his truck doing 60 pass you. But other than that…

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