When Life Forces You To Stop & Smell The Geraniums

Reminisce: Pics from the Past

Two-year-old Billy Jones of Wilmot, South Dakota plucked a geranium from his mother Jean’s flower box in August of 1957, and shoved it into the face of sister Lois Ann, 1. We can only hope that Lois gathered her rosebuds while she may, and lived a life of being fully present and carpe-ing the diem. We also hope that neither sibling is perched atop red diner chairs anymore, as a broken hip could only make 2020 that much worse.

Bless Their Howdy Doody Hearts

LIFE 5/1/1950

Freckled marionette Howdy Doody was kind of a big deal at the onset of the 50s, so it was no surprise that LIFE magazine hosted a lookalike contest.

Wondering what galluses were? A pair of suspenders. Nobody says that now.

Poor kids. Surely George Ford grew into those ears. I imagine he never lived this article down. Pity.

The winner was five year old Billy Oltmann (Old Man at this point). Cute as a button in his bandana and western wear!

Time to celebrate his big win with Hostess Twinkies!


What You Talkin’ ‘Bout, Easter Bunny?


Check out these basket-toting cuties during an Easter egg hunt, and the boy’s priceless expression. That suspicious gaze brought to mind shades of Arnold Jackson from Diff’rent Strokes–except in much more fashion forward overalls.

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