15 thoughts on “Whole Milk For The Whole Class”

  1. I was accused of not being “woke” when I expressed a preference for Fairlife milk. That’s the one that is ultra filtered, lasts forever, has 50% fewer calories and 50% more protein than you common or garden variety of moo juice. Apparently the cow farmers are mean to the Fairlife cows and I should be more aware of bovine equity when selecting my white beverages, because privilege, ya know. Anyway, give an Oreo and a glass of Fairlife milk and I am a happy, albeit non-woke, camper.

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    1. Oh, now who’s the fancy one? I have seen commercials for them but have not tried it. I have, in fact had to throw out two cartons of expired milk in the past week that had expiration dates into the second week of February. So milk that lasts forever is important. I think as long as Fairlife is not slaughtering their cows for beef, then the cows are fine. It used to be a free country, and I say drink whatever you want. Drink the blood of the oppressed. Just don’t drink skim milk. Gross.

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      1. Fairlife is really tasty, at least to me. But it is the devil according to social media. So of course I grin and hoot each time I swallow. Sorry to admit we drink the non-fat (skim) version of Fairlife. We haven’t had anything other than non-fat milk for probably 20 years. Whole milk tastes like sipping melted ice cream to me. Not bad but not normal anymore – too heavy.

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  2. I hated milk as a child, as did my mother, unless Hershey’s canned chocolate syrup was liberally added. My kindergarten teacher made us all drink a little carton of white milk just before we lay down on our mats to rest. Once I beseeched the elderly Mrs. Perry to please spare me the milk and informed her that I might throw up. She had no mercy. Now, as a septuagenarian, I can take it on cereal (no to the skim) or heated up. And we have almond-milk yogurt after supper, with blueberries, bananas, and a drizzle of local honey.

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    1. We keep both almond and whole milk. No skim ever. I can see how you wouldn’t like something that was forced on you. I hated pimento cheese because they offered a nasty version at a daycare and did not try it again until my late thirties.


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