Bless Their Howdy Doody Hearts

LIFE 5/1/1950

Freckled marionette Howdy Doody was kind of a big deal at the onset of the 50s, so it was no surprise that LIFE magazine hosted a lookalike contest.

Wondering what galluses were? A pair of suspenders. Nobody says that now.

Poor kids. Surely George Ford grew into those ears. I imagine he never lived this article down. Pity.

The winner was five year old Billy Oltmann (Old Man at this point). Cute as a button in his bandana and western wear!

Time to celebrate his big win with Hostess Twinkies!

21 thoughts on “Bless Their Howdy Doody Hearts”

  1. I remember watching Howdy Doody. He was a big deal back then. I hope you are right about George and his ears. The kid that won does look like Howdy. Curious to see what he looks like now.

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  2. Those kids could come from no other era, could they? It shouldn’t be the case that facial proportions are decade specific but it really does seem to be true of the mid-20th century.

    PS We still use the word galluses in Scotland though it is dying out in favour of braces.

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      1. Oh man. This is getting to be more of a pickle. That is a different thing again. Ha ha! The garter that suspenders attach to goes around the waist and has the bits that dangle (suspenders) for the stockings to attach to. I have zero clue what the American word for that device is because I don’t wear such a contraption.

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