21 thoughts on “Mobile Freedom

  1. Oh, how I miss the days when children rode vehicles in the road and everyone would sit on their porches and chat in the evenings. I am not old enough for ‘stickball’ but my Dad used to organize kickball. Smiles!

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      1. I’m Dutch, so I live in the Netherlands.
        You will hardly see a bike helmet here.
        Still we have very low bike fatalities. I can however understand that in countries where the traffic infrainstructure for bicycles is hardly or not available, people on bicycles resort to wearing helmets.
        Helmets that in my opinion give hardly any protection.

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      2. We have sidewalks here for bicycles, but there are lots of adult cyclists on expensive bikes wearing expensive jerseys that like to ride in the middle of the street and slow the cars down and then act indignant if someone honks at them. Many is the time I would like to push them over. But there are lots of fast-driving cars through neighborhoods that plow children down every year. Neighborhoods have signs that say, “Caution: Children At Play” but the guys in sports cars still gun it and wind up hitting kids. Most kids hate to wear helmets, that’s for sure.

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      3. Those biker ideas with their expensive bikes and expensive jerseys are not representative for the ordinary going from a to b biker. I assume that they ride those expensive bikes where they don’t sit upright. Sitting upright does make you aware of your surroundings. I have to add one comment. In traffic it is give and take. Cyclist and cars, if they are not prepared to do that this attitude behaviour goes on with all the dangerous consequences in its path.

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  2. The Netherlands as I no it from my youth and still present. On your bike to school, riding your bike in the neighbourhood, after school going to the a variety of clubs/organisations you might be a member of. he local. Playing outside a little less maybe but still there.

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