No More Ladders





15 thoughts on “No More Ladders

    1. Oh, that IS a good question! Ew. You wouldn’t have enough disposable income to get it done daily or even weekly I’d think. I’ve never even let anyone wax any of my body parts, so I would not be comfortable letting them draw against my chunky tanned thighs.

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    My father, who was in high-end retail during the 60s and 70s, tells the story of a manufacturer who invented and attempted to market tights that would never ladder. The company went out of business because shops would not stock a product with no prospect of repeat orders! Shops don’t want a product that never wears out. Reblogged on Windows into History.

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  2. These are great photos 🙂 As for WHY the ladies drew the seams on, well the seamed stocking were in fashion and nylons have been rationed, AND the government had told the ladies that it was their “duty” to keep up their looks as it helped with moral. Seamed stocking was part of that look. Here is a great post I read a long time ago on Paint-On Hosiery.

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    1. I didn’t either, until I read that laddering is when you get a tear in your fabric and it rips into what appears to be ladders. It does seem like you’d just not wear stockings, but then the terrorists win. Or Hitler.


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