Blasé Balloon Blower

While it may sound like the name of a royal princess of Wales, Charlotte Amalie is actually the largest city of the United States Virgin Islands, located in St. Thomas. Below, you can see the celebration in Charlotte Amalie on the 50th anniversary of Transfer Day, which marked the transfer of the islands from Denmark to the United States in 1917. Last year, of course, they celebrated a full 100 years.

National Geographic January 1968

While an enthusiastic sailor on shore leave from the cruiser USS Newport News (and he might be smoking Newports, to boot) hurls a ball at the weighted bottles at Carnival Village, the broad donning the Faye Dunaway floppy hat seems none too thrilled to either score his hits nor score his number. She has spent all day blowing up balloons, and her cheeks are as stretched as Dizzy Gillespie’s.

Note the look of awe on the boy in the far back.

How To Party Like It’s 1970

Once you’ve worked up a sweat, go grab yourself a glass of cold refreshments from an ancient chaperone.

1970 Blackcat

Dance to the groovy tunes of a guy wearing a headband.

And if possible, be crowned something that proves you’re better than everyone else.

See the envy in their eyes as you rock that crown. Dang, it feels good to be a gangster.

Dust In Her Train

Natl Go 12/49
Natl Go 12/49

Bride Maria and groom Jerry Duran march behind hat-donning musicians as 1/10 of the poorly-populated village of Talpa, NM celebrates their nuptials. The destination is the home of an uncle, where the reception will begin (and the young girl can set this baby down).

Enough Already

Acme Photo
Acme Photo

Okay, okay, I get it. The war is over. Japan has just surrendered, and folks in Washington DC are understandably celebrating with copious amounts of PDA. But tone it down, folks. Save it for the bedroom. I’m turning into an old fuddy-duddy, aren’t I?

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