V-J Day 1945

The Bettman Archive
The Bettman Archive

Residents of NYC’s Little Italy district celebrated V-J Day (Victory over Japan) on August 14, 1945. Just imagine looking up from the street, at all those people celebrating the end of war.


12 thoughts on “V-J Day 1945”

      1. Loved Monuments Men and the bitter sweet story. A much more modern story than Bataan.

        I liked Bataan’s storyline. Love Rod Taylor in his role, and love the hokey ending and Hollywood gimmicks–pre-CGI.

        It did make me wonder how many of them served during the war and what kind of trauma they might have endured to make the film.

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      2. War movies make me sad. So you saw the 1943 movie and then the recent Matt Damon one? I saw Mon Men available on our cable. Might give it a try.


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