16 thoughts on “Natchitoches Lakeside Picnic”

  1. What beautiful pictures. Natchitoches is eerily similar to Nacogdoches. I wonder if there is a connection. Indian root word? Any linguists out there? Would love to know what was on the menu.

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  2. Hey, that’s Heinz ketchup in the picnic. Ahhh, timeless. Ha! great photos Kerbey, I’m too busy drooling over the picnic to prperly appreciate the composition. Time for some lunch.

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  3. I was thinking that this is Leonard Nimoy’s family out for a Louisiana lake picnic, Kerbey. They all fell off the Spock truck! Beam me up, Scotty!! Goodness. Maybe the kid is Little Lenny.


  4. Sorry, took me a while to get to the comment, had to google “Natchitoches”, thought it might have been some kind of Mexican dish given there was a picnic going on…

    Strewth, feel like a bit of a dill now, you know, a couple of ‘roos loose in the top paddock!

    But you folks have some funny names for places…! 😉

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    1. I’m sorry. It would be very confusing. Natchitoches is a town in the state of Louisiana, in the southern US. There are a lot of Cajun/Louisiana names that are hard to say. They even have a lake called Lake Pontchartrain. ! Now I’ll go google “top paddock.”

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