19 thoughts on “Quilting And Cat Eye Glasses”

      1. I get that part. I was referring to the caption about kids not having anything to do. What kids are they talking about? The youngsters in the cat’s eye glasses?

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  1. That reminds me of the bumper sticker, “Hire a teenager, while they still know everything.” They are either ‘know it all’s’ or pretend to not know anything! Ha ha!
    I love the cat eye glasses, I had a pair in fourth grade, black with white sequins in the corners. Wow, did I look like a ‘dork!’

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  2. Gladys, Agnes, Mary, Agnes and Gladys knit one and pearl two. My Bobci, Mary, had glasses like those. My dear wife Karen got a pair for readers like them I called them Kilgallens, after an actress who made them glamorous when I was a kid by wearing them on the game show Name That Line, Dorothy Kilgallen. Nice work, Kerbey.

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      1. Silly. I think of my great-grandmother with those glasses. I guess all the ladies wore them in the 50-60s. I have early 70s pics of her still wearing them.


  3. I will never understand the appeal of quilting. Seems a snore. Though I’m the happy owner of quilts made by my mom and also a few by my mother-in-law. Will always treasure them. And my oldest kiddo wants my m-i-l to make a quilt with all of the t-shirts she collects when she’s in plays and musicals. So I can see the value in quilts and am glad there are quilters. But I will not be quilting anytime soon. Though I would love a pair of cat’s eye glasses. My bow broke the other day (super glue to the rescue, though that fix broke tonight) so I’ll be in the market for another pair. Cat’s eye?

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    1. Definitely. You have to bring cat’s eye back. We will never be in a quilting group together. I have known some quilters. I bet it’s relaxing if you can get in a zone, but I would be like, “I have laundry to do, email to check, bills to pay…” I gotta have several balls in the air to juggle, or I feel like a slug. You should have an Aunt Helen’s Ya Ya Sisterhood Group. You meet to eat her recipes and sip your cocktails, but I guess you’d have to have a real reason to meet. Playing jacks? Doing those MASH games to see who you’ll marry?


    1. In their defense, I’m sure the quilts smell like cat piss. If I knew where they hid the cats, I’d add to the pile. In skeleton form, of course.


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