28 thoughts on “As Long As Old Men Sit And Talk About The Weather”

  1. Either the weather or baseball. Both, well heartfelt discussions and enriching history especially the traditions of baseball. America’s pastime game.


      1. I think he was parked in front of a church, too. This new wife looks younger than the former one. I hope she’s not in it for the money, now that he had that stroke.

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      1. And here I thought you meant Randy the famous Jack Daniels tour guide. I have heard of Randy Savage. He snapped it to a Slim Jim in some very gaudy glasses and cowboy hat.


  2. My father-in-law meets friends at a local cafe in his small town one morning a week and am certain they talk about the weather. That’s one way I’ll know I’m getting old–I’ll start chattering to you about how warm is it in Texas and tel you how warm it is in Minnesota. 😉 Great series of photos here, K-bee.

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  3. Why is it that the standing man in the third photo caught my eye so much? I think it’s just the weird way he’s standing… who stands like that?

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