How To Scorn A Woodwinder

UPI/Bettman Newsphotos, Illustrated History of US
UPI/Bettman Newsphotos

The bare-chested, bead-donning Pied Piper here was captioned as a member of the Yippies. I confess I know nothing of Yippies (only the later Yuppies), but wikipedia says:

The Youth International Party, whose members were commonly called Yippies, was a radically youth-oriented and countercultural revolutionary offshoot of the free speech and anti-war movements of the 1960s, founded on December 31, 1967. They employed theatrical gestures, such as advancing a pig (“Pigasus the Immortal”) as a candidate for President in 1968, to mock the social status quo.

Pigasus the Immortal? I don’t get it.

18 thoughts on “How To Scorn A Woodwinder”

    1. That is hilarious! Did it win? It often seems like ANYTHING is better than the status quo. I guess that’s how a 3 yr old named Bobby got elected as the mayor of Dorset in Minnesota. We’ll have to ask Liz about that. Were they drinking her cocktails?


      1. No it didn’t win. The funny part was a “write-in” candidate called “Poodle with a Mohawk” came in second place behind the actual student body president. The magnet came in third place. I felt bad for the other real candidates that didn’t even come close.

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  1. Odd politics. You know the very students that spent so much time and energy preaching antidisestablishmentarianism are now the establishment – and they are no better and seem to be worse (in terms of monetizing everything, assigning value to earnings rather than personal worth, value work over caring and love, etc) The old adage : When you can’t beat them, hire them.

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  2. The Yippies were the most radical of the Hippies, Kerbey. The woodwinder here appears to be a Mindblower. Nah, don’t google it. I made that one up. I don’t get the pig thing, either, by the way.

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  3. Yippies, actually knew a few. Pretty much a pain to everyone. The “left” didn’t like them because they weren’t “serious”. The so called establishment didn’t like them because they ridiculed everything and everyone. I think their schtick about the pig was just their attempt at saying all authority figures were pigs. Like the Police were pigs, etc. Charming critters.

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