Alexandria, Virginia 1965, Part IV

Today we wrap up the memories from 1965 with this image of gals on the bus. I haven’t taken public transport in years because HYGIENE, but one gal looks positively GIDDY to be aboard. Is she sheltering her project from Nosy Nellies?

Next, we have two of America’s favorite things: cars and dogs. You may notice Susie O’Hazza’s name listed under the kennels, which she owned and operated, and where she bred, raised, and showed Champion Great Danes. Per her 2008 obit, she and her husband spent 17 winters in the Cayman Islands. Isn’t it amazing how quickly we can access information these days?

These ladies seem to be scratching their heads at all those tubes and wires.

Typing class, an ancient relic, once offered at business school–and one with an easy phone number!

Oh, dear. this is why we don’t wear pleated shorts. They do not flatter. They almost appear to be jodhpurs that have been chopped at the knee.

And we end with this image (of another gal in another pleated skirt), presumably endorsing her check or completing paperwork at the bank. Note the gumball machine and the countertop. Is that Formica?

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