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Two Of My Favorite Things: Christmas And Coca-Cola


12/49 National Geographic
12/49 National Geographic

For more images of the Coca-Cola sprite boy, visit these posts from days of yore:

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Saturday Santa Sightings

12-13-14 018Santa appears to be hanging by his fingertips beside this browning magnolia tree.

12-13-14 033Either reindeers are growing or Santa is shrinking.

12-13-14 030

With mistletoe on his cap, Santa goes in for a peck at Mrs. Claus.

12-13-14 026

One Santa drives an ice cream truck with peppermint candy wheels, while a Florida Santa shows his midriff without shame.

12-13-14 031But soon Santa must mount his sleigh and head to the homes of good little boys and girls. Twelve days and counting!