In The Arms Of Santa

Cactus 1943

This WWII Santa doesn’t appear that much older than the doe-eyed toddler he’s holding. Volunteering from a university fraternity, he seems a bit smoother about the edges than his later counterpart in 1967, shown below.

Tipi 1967

Sideburns and skinny ties share the stage with both a plusher Santa beard and Santa suit, which appears to have been velveteened. Of course, not everyone can get the Santa gig. Some folks have to settle for holiday titles.

Ozarko 1968

Who even knew Barnwarming Queen was a thing? Are barns notoriously cold? Do queens exude that much heat?

It looks pretty toasty for these Savitar Barnwarming Queen Candidates in 1959. The only real loser here is the missing “g” in barnwarming.

Makes it sound oddly like barn-worming. But that’s another thing altogether.


6 thoughts on “In The Arms Of Santa”

  1. I aspire to someday be “Mr. Tom Turkey” instead of just “Tom, that turkey.” Along with Ms. Cranberry , a saucy wench, I’d also like to see credit given to Mr. Green Bean Casserole, Ms. Stovetop Stuffing and the Tater Twins, mashed and creamed. OK, I’ll put down the eggnog now.

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    1. Omigosh, I’m so HUNGRY now. We have eggnog in the fridge, and I legit bought Stovetop this morning, and I can whip up some casserole. I feel like I should invite you over, Tom Turkey. Bring your saucy wench!


  2. What a delightful post. The Santa in the first picture is so charming cottonball beard and all. The Barnwarmin, Tom Turkey and Cranberry Juice motif is not that familiar to me. I did notice that the 1967 Santa pic has a guitar in the background. That sums up the 60’s.

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