Christmas Day 1943 On Guadalcanal

Life: Our Finest Hour

Christmas Day didn’t feel very wintry to these WWII soldiers in the South Pacific. Santa braved the 90 degrees to dispense Red Cross gifts to Army and Marine hospitals and bring some holiday cheer to those missing their families back home.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Day 1943 On Guadalcanal”

  1. Interestingly, or perhaps not, the name Guadalcanal is from the Spanish who were the first westerners to land there back in 1568. Very remote – I visited Honiara once and that was way more than enough exposure to the Solomon Islands. Hellacious battles in 1942 and 1943; about 1,600 Americans died in the Battle of Guadalcanal (plus many more from malaria and other diseases) and the Japanese lost a total of 24,000 men. Major tutning point in WW2 for US and its allies.

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