Paddle Away From Lena

KU Delt pledges dubbed Lena the Hyena as Queen of their Paddle Party in 1946, the same year cartoonist Al Capp Capp introduced Lena as the “ugliest woman in the world.” So hideous that Capp could not bear to render her, he enlisted his readers (in 381 newspapers where his L’il Abner comic strip wasContinue reading “Paddle Away From Lena”

Little Red Mouse, Disney, and Fascist Pigs

That little red Fiat 500 was a first-year Model A (produced from 1936 to 1948), the smallest car in the world at the time. Italians (like those in this shot in Rome’s Mussolini Stadium) dubbed the midget coupe Topolino (“little mouse” in Italian). Topolino was also the name of this very famous mouse. Yep, that’sContinue reading “Little Red Mouse, Disney, and Fascist Pigs”

Because Sometimes Tom & Jerry Just Need Rum

Flipping through my festive 1949 LIFE, I noticed this ad for Puerto Rican Rum. My first thought was how I remember the texture of glasses like that on my fingers. You never see those at the department store homeware section any more. My second thought was how odd it seemed to get “something different, something gay”Continue reading “Because Sometimes Tom & Jerry Just Need Rum”

Politically Incorrect Yearbook Comics 1949

This is all in good fun, but folks would cry “domestic abuse” in this day and age. When I think of Mary Wana, I think of hippies, not high school students in 1949. My bad. Fun with intentional homicide!Uh-oh, bestiality! Mental illness was a laughing matter. Hints of polygamy… And the grand finale of I-Don’t-Get-Itness…a bowlegged sheriff fondlingContinue reading “Politically Incorrect Yearbook Comics 1949”