Bills Are Rising, And So Is My Mailbox

This Little Fork, Minnesota farmer was tired of state road plows burying his mailbox beneath 10 foot drifts. So he used his noggin and attached the mailbox to a log boom, resembling an old-fashioned well sweep. “Kerbey, what’s a well sweep?” you may be asking. Per, A well sweep is a device used toContinue reading “Bills Are Rising, And So Is My Mailbox”

That’s A Stretch

This new ad for the CX-5 (that’s the best name they could come up with?) declares, “When Thomas Edison threw the switch, it changed everything. SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY makes the Mazda CX-5 more fuel-efficient than any hybrid SUV.” I believe this is called REACHING. Comparing Edison’s contributions to the world with Mazda’s ability to create anContinue reading “That’s A Stretch”