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That’s A Stretch

This new ad for the CX-5 (that’s the best name they could come up with?) declares, “When Thomas Edison threw the switch, it changed everything. SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY makes the Mazda CX-5 more fuel-efficient than any hybrid SUV.”

I believe this is called REACHING. Comparing Edison’s contributions to the world with Mazda’s ability to create an SUV that gets a WHOPPING (whoa–slow down, mister) 35 MPG? That is a mind-blower! What does a Prius get again? Oh, 51, that’s right. Can’t you make an SUV that gets close to that?

According to, among his over a thousand patents, Edison invented:

  •  the electrical vote recorder
  •  the automatic telegraph system
  • paraffin paper
  • the electric pen used for the first mimeographs
  • the carbon telephone transmitter, making telephony commercially practical, including the microphone used in radio
  • the phonograph
  • the incandescent light
Edison in the middle of inventing everything we've ever heard of
Edison in the middle of inventing everything we’ve ever heard of

In addition he discovered “Etheric Force,” an electric phenomenon that is the foundation of wireless telegraphy, as well as the “Edison Effect,” the fundamental principle of electronics.

After that, he invented the motion picture camera, the fluorescent electric lamp, the nickel-iron-alkaline storage battery, and the electric safety miner’s lamp. So, yeah, he and Mazda are in the same league, in the way that Schwarzenegger and DeVito are twins.


So Edison invented the light bulb, which you’re probably using right now. Big deal. Mazda invented the GLC (yes, it really stands for Great Little Car).

Top THAT, Edison!

8 thoughts on “That’s A Stretch”

  1. What is that phrase? If you have no steak sell the sizzle. Even if you have to fake it. Welcome to the meatless world of the modern automobile. Your post hits the GLC and all its clones right on the head.


  2. I wonder if Mrs. Edison and Mrs. Tesla ever nagged their busy, brilliant husbands to change the light bulb or take out the trash.


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