Shoulda Learned To Rope And Ride

Today we return with more fun rodeo pics from days of yore. Let’s start with pre-Sonicare preparation. No rodeo queen wants dingy teeth.

What she does want is a cowboy.

One who looks at her like this. 

One to think about on the long bus rides.

One to make babies with.

But in the meantime, let’s just enjoy the show.

Don’t forget your posture.

Or the moves to your routine.

Flash that smile.

And some day, you may grow up to be her.

Despite her misgivings.

8 thoughts on “Shoulda Learned To Rope And Ride”

  1. Half the women looked like Debra Winger in ‘Urban Cowboy,’ Kerbey. Must have been a thing back then. In the 1980s I did got to a real, live rodeo, but I was still just a Northeast twentysomething visiting my mother in Florida. Dressed like a fish out of water …

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  2. Yes, great pics that remind me of Urban Cowboy too! Similar to Mark’s story I went to a dance when I first moved to New Mexico in 93 I didn’t realize that was code for let’s all dress up like cowboys and girls and folk dance. I felt like a martian with no rhythm.

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