17 thoughts on “High School Halloween 1955”

    1. I thought it was blackface at first, but the more I look at it, the more it looks like a leathery mask. But yes, in all my yearbooks before 1960, there are plenty of stage shows/minstrel shows with young people in blackface, but usually not a bowtie and suit, usually tatters. That’s the part that’s throwing me off.


  1. Who knows what the lad had in mind. Back when I was a kid that stuff made me feel uncomfortable. No matter. I miss the home made treats you got back then. Except for the popcorn balls. If miracle of miracles they were wrapped. Great. Tasty. Most weren’t ,so, they attracted every thing imaginable. Loose hair,lint etc. Yech. I remember one particular house had a wienie roast with donuts and apple cider. Wow. Of course in the hood I grew up you did have to deal with the older kids trying to mug you for candy. You learned to run with a bag and you never wore a mask.

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      1. Well it was a tough neighbor hood. They wouldn’t hit you, unless you resisted. They would ask for your bag. With an attitude. Fortunately I knew the hood better than they did so I never lost a single popcorn ball.


    1. The far right, for sure. They are smiling, but perhaps just tolerating the proceedings. I like the way Andre the Giant is massaging Alice’s shoulders. And the middle guy is really wearing his heart on his sleeve.


  2. A whole new look for Halloween. I almos thought I was at the wrong joint, Kerbey. So stripped-down, but still classy. Markie likey.

    This group of ’55, though, they have some problems with their appearance, Halloween or no. Scowlers or scholars?

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