13 thoughts on “Zombie Librarians Of The Apocalypse”

  1. back in the day…oh those card catalogs. But maybe those glossies in front of them are menus? Unlikely, but I like to think there’s a possibility they are only contemplating malt flavors.

    Right side, third from front: Totally has it in for front lady. Looks to be plotting a Halloween trick for later in the day. Bwahahaha….

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    1. That is just like you to think this is a restaurant with menus. 🙂 In college, there was a dance club called The Library, so I guess it’s plausible. I wonder if that lady did her in later.


  2. You have a article/blog with zombies in it and I am just now noticing?! Holy crap I really must be sleeping on the job. One of these undead ladies just has to be the very same librarian ghost the ghost busters wind encountering. Beyond the obvious (and already mentioned) Stepford Wife’s, the only other book to ask this crew about is maybe The Valley Of The Dolls

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