14 thoughts on “Beautiful Autumn Day, Part II

  1. It sure doesn’t look like Halloween week to me, Kerbey. It sure does look gorgeous nevertheless. What are those red vegetables/fruits clustered in the top photo? Tomatoes? Crabapples? Exotic Austin area fauna? Please do tell.


  2. Oh, oh, I recognize the red berries (Pyracantha). Our neighbor had trees full of them. When the season was over they used to ferment and the birds would all flock around and get drunk – no kidding. We had a semi-detached and for the week or so when the birds were drunk you had to loterally watch out for them or they would fly into you accidently. They would hit the windows, fall to the ground and stagger away. i didn’t see any permanently harmed – but you know what they say – God takes special care of small children, fools and drunks – I guess it means drunk birds too. Ha!

    Beautiful pictures Kerbey. Thank you.

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      1. You are reminding me of the myth that koalas get drunk on eucalyptus leaves (since they sleep so much). Do you think the birds would learn that since they felt so drunk after eating those tangy berries, they shouldn’t do it again? Or do you think they go back to them on purpose? Do they get fermented up and go mate with random birds? That’s unethical. 🙂


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