15 thoughts on “It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Autumn”

  1. 79 degrees? That’s a cold front? Well I guess if you’re used to 90 degree temps. it would be. I really like those shoes. Did I ever tell you about the two toned shoes I wore “back in the day”? They were tan and dark brown faux alligator patent leather. If I had them now I would wear them.

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    1. Those sound very dapper. Why did you toss them? And yes, that’s our “cold front.” The dogs must know, because they are running around in circles in the back yard like Kenyans winning track meets.

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      1. A few. I spent quite a few years traveling around. Also collecting stuff just didn’t seem so important to me after 40. As for the pictures my baby’s momma has them. So I have not seen the vast majority of them since 1990.

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