Not So Spooky In Daylight

Saturday afternoon, eighty degrees, not a cloud in the sky. But Halloween is in the air, and there are decorations to be found. Clap if you dare! Witches seem whimsical. Except for the Snow White kind, with her chinny-chin-chin. Hey, y’all. This witch looks like she belongs with the Peanuts gang. A pint-sized Dracula gave me a hankering forContinue reading “Not So Spooky In Daylight”

Invitation To Repose

We passed this house on Saturday, in an older part of a nearby town. And while I realize its closets are probably small, and the bathrooms lack garden tubs, and the pantry could not fit a twin bed like ours can, and the hardwood floors probably squeak–I sure do covet that double-tiered wraparound porch. It almostContinue reading “Invitation To Repose”