Fifty Years Old

Happy 50th birthday to Molly Shannon, who really does turn 50 years old today! She used to crack me up in her Saturday Night Live (SNL) Sally O’Malley sketches, as a limber 50-year-old woman kicking and stretching, proud of her age and agility. She would hike her pants up to her ribcage without shame.

That’s Molly Shannon in a nutshell. Shameless. Fearless. You remember her jumping backwards into folding chairs when she played Mary Catherine Gallagher?

Please don’t be one of those people who said they stopped watching SNL in the 80s. There are always funny skits; you just have to wait it out during the 3ย total shows they do each year and the 49 reruns they show. If there wasn’t any talent, it wouldn’t have lasted since 1975. There wouldn’t be a Portlandia today. No Bill Murray, pointing his finger at me, telling me I’m awesome. And I, for one, don’t want to imagine a world without Will Ferrell.

So happy birthday, Molly Shannon. I hope you and your husband of a decade, Fritz Chestnut (oh, that’s a good one for the Blog of Funny Names), have a lovely day! You are a SUPERSTAR!



18 thoughts on “Fifty Years Old

  1. I am with you on the whole SNL thing, Kerbey. Each decade has had its own roster of funny people that went on from that show to bigger things. Can you say Tina Fey to Amy Poehler to Kristen Wiig, anybody?


      1. I couldn’t find it on any of the A-Z movie listings on our hundreds of cable choices. Have to keep hunting…We don’t do Netflix, but I’ll find it. Better be good. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      2. Just watched it. That was so so so so weird. I kept waiting for it to be a comedy. The point seemed to be that if you go vegan, you lose your mind. You forge checks, you attempt murder, you destroy someone else’s property (minks), you brainwash their kids. I kept hoping she would turn back to normal, but she literally hopped aboard the crazy train. Molly did a great job portraying her. Wow. No vanity there.


      3. I should have mentioned that she stepped outside of her comfort zone and abandoned comedy for a bit. That would have been a fair warning. After seeing that, I thought of her as a much better actress than I gave her credit for previously.

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  2. She was hilarious, and as mentioned, Fearless! I still watch and like every generation of comedy. I enjoy Mindy Kaling’s show on her being an OB/GYN on “The Mindy Project.” I like that she is Indian in her ethnicity, American in her chasing ‘cute’ men and also, NOT obsessed with her shape and size. She proclaims proudly on one of her shows, (at least) that she is ‘beautiful’ and “attractive,’ and ‘young!’ I miss “30 Rock…” with Tina Fey being an alum from SNL, but did watch, “Welcome to Sweden,” with Amy Poehler’s writing and her brother acting. Funny post!

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