Blossom Or Sue Heck?

When I discovered this shot of happy teens playing some version of Alsatian Red Rover, I couldn’t decide if the lass in stripes and updo was Blossom/The Big Bag Theory‘s Mayim Bialik

or The Middle’s Eden Sher.

What do you think?


21 thoughts on “Blossom Or Sue Heck?

  1. I think the silly teens are happy as can be. And I think both Eden and Mark’s long-lost relation are pretty. Enjoyed Mayim on What Not to Wear celebrity version once and it was awesome.

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      1. thanks to you and your mockingblog, I have had the Blossom theme song stuck in my head for going on 12 hours now. Sleep was my only reprieve.

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      2. Well, at least you slept. I can’t pull it into my head, so I thank God for that. I will be strong against googling it. I can see her wearing floppy hats, though.


  2. I like how both actresses are beautiful yet choose yo be character actresses. Blossom was one of my girls favorite shows whole I love the Middle and the way the Mom is so down to earth, father so deadpan and kids such individuals. All are great so this is my favorite comedy, with Big Bang bring #2.
    Your commenters cracked me up, Kerbey. This was a humorous post!! 🙂

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