Pretty Sure That’s The Skipper From “Gilligan’s Island”


No, of course it’s not. It’s just a nobody in a Kodak ad.

Interesting tidbit: The Skipper’s real character name was Jonas Grumby. I never heard his Little Buddy call him Jonas.

I understand, Skipper. Tiki can be frightening.



    • Yeah, another “I don’t get it” moment. I thought he was trying to prove Kodak film was so great, that it really looked like him. But that doesn’t make sense either.


  1. That is too funny about the Skipper and the Professor’s characters names. Never knew.
    My mom’s first job was as a soda jerk. She was always very proud of that job. She could make the best fountain drinks. I’m guessing today’s equivalent would be a barista.

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  2. Was Mrs. Howell’s real first name Lovey? You can’t leave us hanging on that one now, Kerbey. I’ve been to a tiki bar, when I was in my 20s. There was one around College Park. I think the older you are, the more chance there is a joint tried that theme during your bar-going years. And, I was part of the pig-roasting process for my step daughter’s high school graduation party. The night before, in a big field, her father put the pig up on a spit after we stuffed it with kielbasa for added taste. That pig cooked all night. By party time after her graduation ceremony, the meat was so tender!


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