Mr. Green, He’s So Serene, He’s Got A TV In Every Room


13 thoughts on “Mr. Green, He’s So Serene, He’s Got A TV In Every Room”

  1. I was born in the 1970s but I’m assuming the UK was behind the US in TV technology because I remember when portable sets became a huge thing in the early 1980s. We didn’t even have a TV when I was wee until my Granddad gave us his black and white set when he went to colour. My kids probably think I was around at the time of mammoths as a result of such anecdotes. We actually only have one TV in our house and so my kids sometimes marvel at friends who have TVs all over their houses, including their bedrooms. They’d have been impressed by the homes in these advertisements.

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    1. We only had a black-and-white for most of my childhood as well. We won’t allow our teenager to have a TV in his room because they say that’s very bad for them. However, he’s got his phone so he probably just watches whatever he wants. I also remember seeing those Portables in the 80s, like you say. My mom had a small one she would move around but it got terrible reception and was black and white of course. We are mammoths indeed.

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    1. Right? I was like, seriously, if you’re on a BOAT, then enjoy the boat, not the three channels that exist. And if we couldn’t get decent reception on our home TV in 1985, how on earth could they get it on a boat in 1956?


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