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Snoopy Was A Carnivore Who Probably Ate Horses

Painting done not by Norman Rockwell, but Douglass Crockwell. Seriously.

Ah, yes. In the years before talk of puppy mills and Pit Bulls & Parolees, folks would go to the Pet Shop and actually procure puppies there, not just on the days when the Humane Society pimped strays on Saturdays. Can’t you just smell their little puppy breath and the softness of their puppy heads? This is part of a 1956 ad for Friskies.

Now, I’ve had plenty of dogs in my day, and they all liked meat. Carrots, no. Cabbage, wouldn’t touch it. Celery, forget it. But chicken and beef and pork? Yes. Basically any of the Chipotle proteins, dogs like. Now in case you didn’t skim the ad up top, it says Friskies contains “lean red horse meat.” Yum! Giddyup! So we can safely assume those beagle puppies were into horsemeat. It makes me wonder about Jemima. Jemima was the beagle we lost last year to cancer, and she looked nothing like Snoopy, who is also purportedly a beagle. Even this Pinterest image shows you that Snoopy and beagles have hardly anything in common. But I bet they’d both eat horse meat.

And turkey.

And bacon and eggs.

Maybe, just maybe, they’d both like watermelon for dessert, like this happy beagle.

But then it’s strictly back to horse meat.


13 thoughts on “Snoopy Was A Carnivore Who Probably Ate Horses”

      1. I’m afraid not! I guess I was too focused on the red tripe that he flies around, and how it annoys me because the Baron made most of his kills in an albatross biplane!

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  1. I grew up next door to a beagle and could never figure out why Peanuts claimed Snoopy was a beagle. As for horse meat, not just for dogs, of course. France famously has specialist horse butcher shops. I was served horse once when I was undergraduate. I didn’t eat it as I was vegetarian but my now husband said it tasted like lamb. A big grocery chain (Tesco) in the UK got in trouble a few years ago for having horse in some of its meat products without declaring it as such in the label and, therefore, not being able to prove the human consumption worthiness of the food. And now I’ve exhausted my experience of horse meat. Horse hoof adhesives are another matter….

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      1. I don’t eat anything that once had four legs. I didn’t grow up eating much meat so I don’t enjoy the taste or texture. However, if I did eat meat, I am almost sure I wouldn’t feel any differently about beef or horse meat. The scandal with the supermarket chain was more that the lack of honesty meant the consumer couldn’t be certain of the quality of the source of meat. It drove meat prices down in that store for a while which made my carnivore husband very happy.

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  2. In Japan it’s reasonably common to find horse meat available on menus. It is even served as sashimi and sushi in certain areas. It’s called basashi or sakura niku (cherry meat) due to its pink color.

    Those who don’t like it are called “neigh-sayers.” Snorf.

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