Put More Sugar In Lisa


This ad from my May 19, 1967 LIFE blows my mind. (scroll down for larger type)


It literally says, “Make sure you get sugar every day. People need what sugar’s got.” People don’t need more sugar. I’ve got plenty of sugar in me. I’ll tell you what I need: Lisa’s life. Lisa’s got it made. Trust fund much? I don’t see anything here about clocking in and working for the man.

Now THERE’S a metaphor!


Supersweet Wilford Brimley Diabeetus Award


Yes, it’s an award post.  But less creative on my part.  First, thanks to Yvette at http://strawberryquicksand.wordpress.com/2013/06/15/1353/ for nominating me.  She drives a bus, I don’t at all resent her for being a dozenish months younger than I, and she teaches me new phrases in the Australian English language.  Now I know what “quite the pong” means, and I intend to use it.  And she has the keen sense to pick up on my almost tangible sweetness.  So let me get to it.



1. Cookies or Cake? – Cookies.  Especially cowboy cookies.  I don’t like cake.  I didn’t even want a wedding cake at my wedding.  It’s like eating a sponge.  So I let my husband have German chocolate cake, and I got blackberry pie, enough for all the guests.  Do I remember eating any?  No, but there is a picture of me doing so, one of the few actual bites I ate of anything we ponied up thousands of dollars for.  Good thing I didn’t spill blackberry on my white wedding dress, which BTW was never cleaned, and is sitting on a hanger in the upstairs bedroom, waiting to be worn by the daughter I never had.

2. Chocolate or Vanilla? – Chocolate.  Vanilla is for people with bland palates, people who don’t take risks, people who order CHEESE pizza.  Really?  Cheese is part of pizza to begin with.  It’s like ordering a bread sandwich.  

3. Favorite Sweet Treat? – Dark chocolate raspberry cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory got me as close to the When Harry Met Sally diner scene as I’ll ever get, but since we’re in a recession, living on poverty wages, I’ll have to answer with something I eat daily, which is Walgreen’s honey-roasted cashews.  I know, it sounds tame, but they’re like meth to me.  I eat them hourly, despite how many points Weight Watchers says they are.  A pox on you, Jennifer Hudson!

4. When do you crave sweet things most? – At conscious moments.  From the moment I awaken, when I pour peppermint mocha creamer in my freshly-ground coffee, until I go to bed during Jimmy Fallon, thinking about how in only a few hours, I will be putting creamer in my coffee.

5.  Sweet Nickname – Sugarbritches.  No, I wish.  I don’t have a nickname.   

So look, you guys.  I have spent the last few days, going to each one of the bloghouses that my Aussie Strawberry galpal listed, and there is NO WAY I could top that.  I realized that the sites I visit are usually happy, funny blogs, because I self-medicate with humor, wine, and food.  I’m like a walking e-card.


But I realized it’s actually possible to enjoy non-humor-based blogs.  So I will just encourage you to take the time to read the others whom she nominated.  They’ll put whichever cross your bearing into perspective, give you insight, and hopefully broaden your horizons.  Having traveled almost nowhere, my scope of experience is fairly limited.  So here they are, in her own words:

Arash Recovery – Arash is an unbelievable story of tenacity and determination. Arash suffered a devastating injury that has left him paralysed.  His blog is about the recovery process and his never-say-die attitude.

View From a Walking Frame – Nicola has cerebral palsy. This is her blog on how she gets through life, from going out to dinner, to catching buses to shoe shopping.  She is one hell of a chick.  Check out her blog for some light hearted laughs.

The Fascinating Life of Eliot Benvie – Eliot is a teenaged Scottish schoolboy who writes a very articulate and interesting blog about his daily life, his views on the world, and everything in-between.

Yummy Lummy – Gary is a doctor who loves food. I love his blog because we live in the same city and it gives me a chance to work out what restaurants are good to go to and which ones might suck a little bit.

Blink Packing – Josh and his little family of three are almost done with a trip around the USA in a 1963 Shasta caravan.  Josh’s blog is really interesting as it opens one’s eyes to the greater USA, vintage caravan and small child in tow.  Josh’s adventures are ones that will stay with him for a lifetime and will hopefully inspire you to live your dream.

My Midlife Mayhem – Louisa is a ballsy chick from Sydney who tells it how it is.  Her family stories revolve around The Old Man, and her teenage kids, Nerd Child and Kurt (the ADHDer).

The life and Times of Nathan Badley – Nathan has to be one of my favourite blog posters. When checking my emails, if I see one pop up from Nathan Badley’s blog, I will immediately read it, and invariably end up holding my sides, tears of laughter pouring down my face.

My Accidental Adventure – Jesse is a young-at-heart older fellow who is currently living out a childhood dream and working on a Dude Ranch in Colorado. This summer appointment follows a necessary move to the mountains where Jesse and his lovely have had to forge a whole new life for themselves.  Check out his blog for some lovely stories and awesome photos of the wilderness.

Thanks again to Yvette, and congratulations to her as well!

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