Put More Sugar In Lisa


This ad from my May 19, 1967 LIFE blows my mind. (scroll down for larger type)


It literally says, “Make sure you get sugar every day. People need what sugar’s got.” People don’t need more sugar. I’ve got plenty of sugar in me. I’ll tell you what I need: Lisa’s life. Lisa’s got it made. Trust fund much? I don’t see anything here about clocking in and working for the man.

Now THERE’S a metaphor!


23 thoughts on “Put More Sugar In Lisa”

  1. Interesting to see how food and nutrition advice has changed over the years. I remember seeing an older document for a class (I think it was How to Select Food, 1917) that recommended people eat things like honey and jelly as part of a healthy diet.

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    1. Well, they clearly didn’t have go-go girls going to discos back in 1917. How could jelly keep her energy up? 😉 Would you consider honey healthy now? I still do.


      1. Well, for starters I am not an RD… yet, so anything I say should be taken with the same weight as every other food/nutrition blogger. That said, I think it depends on what lens I use to look at it. On one hand, it’s high in refined fructose (it is naturally refined by the bees), which some research articles linked to issues like malabsorption and memory issues. However, I tend to be on the side of consumer choice and preferred tastes. I think honey can be part of a healthy diet within moderation.

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  2. What keeps Lisa from washing out?
    Well, my money’s on cocaine. Go Lisa.

    And while we’re at it…was discothéquing a thing in ’67? Was it even a word? According Dr. Google, disco was born in 1970.

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    1. Well, I started thinking about go-go dancers and the Whiskey a Go Go, and wikipedia said, “In 1958, the first Whisky a Go-Go in the United States opened in Chicago. It has been called the first real American discothèque. It owes its name to the first discothèque, the Whisky à Go-Go, established in Paris in 1947.” Maybe the term didn’t take off till the later disco years? I surely have never heard it used as a verb before. That’s not my Saturday Night Fever.


      1. (Googling frug) So I see it doesn’t rhyme with rug; it’s like Suge Knight. Or the way a southern lady calls you sugar, or sug. The watusi I’ve heard of, although my eyes only see wasabi, to be frank. Now I want some Basil Shrimp with crispy pea pods. Dangit, Tom.

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  3. I think I see their point. Calories are needed for energy and sugar does supply them. However like strong drink it should be in moderation. Of course all I know of moderation is from reading about it. I believe in Gusto. I try to avoid sugar just because I am vain and don’t want to gain weight. I also try to avoid artificial sweeteners because they make bad food taste good. Beside these guys were just trying to sell a product. I agree with your assessment of Lisa. Where does she get the money to support her go go life style?

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      1. She is probably sitting in a nursing home all wrinkled and toothless listening to the Bee Gees muttering Cowabonga over and over again dreaming of flashing lights and waves.

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  4. Great ad! I always liked the one that said ‘Doctors recommend Camels more than any other cigarette.’ To think we were being lied to. . . back then.

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    1. Yes, there are SO MANY of those in my old LIFE magazines, with the doc wearing his white robe and stethoscope and talking about how the tobacco is great in your T zone. Maybe they DID really recommend them, since I know doctors actually smoked and had ashtrays in their offices. I recommend Coke and chocolate, but it may kill me, too.


  5. That is hysterical. Oh my goodness. And one day someone will be laughing at we see making perfect nutrition sense. More sugar indeed. And yes, Lisa seems to be doing quite well. Discothequing into the wee hours and THEN up to catch the early morning surf? Lisa Lisa Lisa. More likely she is taking tiny little pills for her boundless energy.

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    1. I think about that ALL THE TIME, how we’ll look back and be like, “God, I can’t believe we didn’t realize kale caused Parkinson’s. Were we fools?” And Lisa Lisa is definitely taking pills.


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