7 thoughts on “No Hoodlums Here”

  1. These guys had to be up to something before the cop came along and that picture was taken. Since it’s probably Prohibition time, my guess is that it’s alcohol related. The cop was probably in on it.

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  2. Is that a shot of some “youthful offenders”? If it isn’t give them time; especially the one on the left. As my mom would say he looks like an imp of Satan. I have no idea what such an imp looks like but that kid really does have a bad guy look about him.

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  3. I think he is just mad about something – someone played a prank on him and he’s not having any of it. The guy on the far right worries me, too. Looks like he is wearing a straight jacket. Definitely need some context for this picture. I don’t think these are recent Police Academy grads.

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