For Percolator Or Coffee Pot

This Monarch ad reads like Alice in Wonderland meets The Wizard of Oz, in a colorful illustration fit for a children’s book. Who is the target demographic here? Elementary schoolers with a java fix? The ad also references Luke and Lucy, used repeatedly in post-war ads. Luke the Lion was the mascot, offering abundance to a hungry country. In some cases, he was even a magician!


With his gold crown, tame demeanor and lustrous mane, he quickly became Mom’s favorite dinner guest. Who cares if he’s not the most masculine of cats when his basket is always full of sweet peas and grapefruit juice?


15 thoughts on “For Percolator Or Coffee Pot”

      1. Trying to cross every T for my son entering college in a few weeks. Every day, a new task. Dealing with shoulder issues that make it no fun to type or move or sit.

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  1. Great artwork. Sadly you don’t see that lushness too much anymore. I am curious what magazine they appeared in. I never heard of Luke before but I am sure a company the size of Monarch was a big player in “restocking ” Europe.

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  2. Advertising sure was an interesting game back in the day, Kerbey. I’m glad you’re back with us here. Read you’re explanations above. Exciting times with the son! And I hope your shoulder is on the mend, my friend.

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