10 thoughts on “Cubism Fish Pair With Modern Martinis”

  1. I have to admit I never heard of Arrow Vodka so I asked Dr. Goog and in return I got a paid ad from Walmart who apparently keeps it on the shelves at all times. No more needs to be said about this fine product.

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  2. I enjoy drinking wine so try to pretend that there are no fish bladders involved in its production, That is, however, what I thought of immediately upon seeing this image of a chap with glass in hand and a shoal of fish behind him. I do love the mid-century design of this advert. Like maxwellthedog, I have never heard of Arrow vodka.

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  3. Never heard of Arrow vodka but I have heard of Arrow shirts. I think that picture is pretty jazzy. I can see Tony Randall leaning against a bar; martini in hand admiring it while waiting for Doris Day.

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