Six Months Till Christmas!


…and then we can be as happy as they were in December 1968!


22 thoughts on “Six Months Till Christmas!

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      1. Precisely – when we were living in the dorms in Calgary (which honestly is like the Dallas of Canada), Arto and I had a friend who would let women do stuff like put makeup on him just so he could be close to them.

        He was homeschooled. He was from Mississippi. He studied primatology. I wonder what he’s up to now…


      2. All I can say is bless his heart. Calgary must have been, like the Little Mermaid said, “a whole new world” for him. What a sec. He left Mississippi to go all the way up to Calgary? That is odd. And expensive, I’d think.


      3. It is, but his dad was an econ prof so I think he did OK. Now he’s somewhere in the American mountain region (Utah or Colorado or something) writing young adult novels, I think. Or maybe he’s in Minnesota now. Arto knows more than I do. Where’s that tall gangly Finn when you need him?

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      1. As far as I know you don’t. I have had trouble commenting on other blogs when for some reason I am no longer recognized by the magic that is WordPress. When that happens I have to log back into my WordPress account. Sorry I can’t help more but I am not that hip.


      1. I’m so grateful the word y’all exists! It’s especially helpful when translating the word “ustedes” from Spanish. I’ve added it to my vocabulary and so has Arto. Thank you Texas!

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      2. You know, we have a waiter, Victor, who serves us every Sunday at a Mexican restaurant and he always asks us how we are in Spanish and I always then ask, “Como estas?” back to him, and wonder if he thinks I’m being too informal. But I always tip him 20% so that should cover if I should be saying Usted instead.


      3. I think the “tu” form is the way to go. It’s nice and casual, and people think you’re weird if you use usted. Or maybe people just think I’m weird. And maybe it has nothing to do with using the “usted” form on those rare occasions.

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      4. Yes, it might sound like if I ordered, “And I shall have the chicken enchiladas, whilst lad will partake of your burritos. Thou hast not brought enough salsa.” Too formal.

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    1. Shut up. He has to write about the Negro league American right-handed pitcher named Leon Day and incorporate it into this new wisdom. How did I not know this? You schooled me. Noel spelled backwards!


      1. Mark B schooled all of us, and his team’s mascot is the Orange. Not the “oranges” or anything like that. Just a single orange. Or the color orange.

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