Air Planking

Houston Public Library, 1920s

During the Roaring 20s (as opposed to this current 20s, whose moniker remains to be seen, but I vote for Recovering) flying circuses and wing walkers were all the rage. I find it curious that they simply couldn’t paint in smaller font and thereby include all of the letters in TRANSPORT, but no matter. Although, technically, it could abbreviate TRANSPLANT as well. I would not volunteer for an aerial transplant.

Toto, I Don’t Think We’re On Delta Anymore

Herald Sun
Herald Sun

These lucky fliers had the good fortune to be alive during the height of plane travelin’ glory in 1950. Can you imagine being able to extend the length of your arm above you, and not smashing into the overhead compartment?

The truth is–this is a Ted Solent flying boat, which made many Australia-England runs. They could carry 45 passengers in seven lounges on two decks. Doesn’t it look dreamy?

Below is a Short Empire flying boat, which made many trips prior to WWII. Have you ever been on a flying boat or known anyone who has?


For more images of flying boats, see my earlier post.



Braniff Airways Special


 What a lucky group of students, off to fly the friendly skies in 1951.

But what’s going on here? Such eye-catching colors, he can’t help but be distracted.

Braniff had some great non-sexist ads as well. Check out the colors and the artwork on these!

Aren’t those fun? I could look at travel posters for hours. Maybe I will.

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