4 thoughts on “Communicating Your Needs Effectively”

  1. Ha! I thought it was advertising inviting helicopter pilots in for coffee and cigs. Ha! Fun picture Kerbey – neat idea.

    I was watching America’s Funniest the other night and they issued a challenge for AFV fans. They wanted video of the most unusual/inventive way to crack an egg. They already had a few sent in and when I saw them, I gave up. One guy loaded an egg on top of a home-made rocket. It went off and must have gone 200 feet in the air. Because of the way the egg was sitting, it continued another 100 feet up after the rocket sputtered and returned. As it arced through the air 300 feet up, it started to drop back to earth, still in one piece. Believe it or not there was a man in the field with a frying pan , and as the egg dropped,he caught and cracked the egg. Anyway, the purpose of this sidetrack was the next clip. In it a guy can be seen placing an egg in the small indentation on the top of a red traffic cone. As the camera watched the egg, a steel rail descends into the frame and settles directly ion the egg, cracking it without bending the cane. The camera steps back and the viewer can now see that the rail is on of the landing pads of a helicopter – someone had maneuvered a helicopter to crack the egg on the top of a pylon.Sheesh!

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