“When Your Throat Feels Scratchy As An Old 78”



To be honest, I had a 7-Up for breakfast (my tummy was unsettled), and I have to say that this colorful ad was more refreshing than the actual drink. The taste was meh at best (fake lemon-limey), and several hours later, life is certainly not a song. Unless the song is that “I’d like to teach the world to sing” ditty for Coke. I drank a Coke for lunch and feel infinitely muchor mejor.

But this ad is such fun. Her sassy response to his implied inquiry (“Actually, I do know how to work the hi-fi, thank you…), the conversation behind closed doors, her poofy braid pony, the Glenn Miller album askew on the wall, his tolerant look (like he should just humor her until the sun goes down and it’s time to trade green soda bottles for brown Hamm’s beer bottles), how his wool sweater looks as scratchy as the throat the ad references, and all the woody orange-yellows! Cheers!



  1. I find 7=up very sweet. I too prefer Coke Kerbey – I’m having it for breakfast right now – ha! – In all honesty I’ve been up a few hours and have had my pot of coffee..I’m having my Coke with a fresh tomato and cheese sandwich. Yum!

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    • That does sound yummy and preferable to 7-Up. We only get 7-Up if we have upset tummies, but Coke always seems to work better than other soda (or Tums or Pepto…). The downside is the whole acid eating away at your body part, but oh, well.

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  2. Ads from the period are always so nicely done. Well drawn and follow a well conceived color palette. One thing that people overlook when talking about 7 UP is its use as a mixer. Vodka and 7, VO & 7 and of course the time honored 7&7. For those folks that don’t like their liquor straight but don’t want the caffein.

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  3. My grandkids like Sprite and then, 7-up, when they get a chance to have “pop.” I am a coke drinker, used to do diet but now like the sugary taste once a week or so of a Coca Cola! 🙂
    When I have a hot tea, this soothes my “scratchy” throat. . .

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